Who we are?

Innovation Sociale Conseil is a consultancy specializing in the promotion of economic projects with high social impact. These projects are often grouped under different qualifiers - social business, inclusive business, impact investing, Base of the pyramid, social and solidarity economy ... - and are characterized by their high level of social and societal innovation and economic viability.

Innovation Sociale Conseil assists large companies, local authorities and social entrepreneurs in their joint partnerships. By its expertise, specific methodologies , relationships in networks of actors , the firm provides strategic consulting to businesses, governments, Foundations , Associations wishing to explore new development models for vulnerable populations in France , Europe and worldwide . The offered strategic advice relates to all aspects of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The consultancy is committed alongside actors of solidarity and the common good. The expertise provided to businesses and communities helps fund managerial support to social entrepreneurs and selected associations as well as research projects available in open access.

The founder Bernard Saincy

Recognized expert in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, Bernard Saincy founded the consultancy Innovation Sociale Conseil in 2013. He relied on his long experience in large companies in the associative and trade union movement. Until December 2013, he was Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of the GDF SUEZ Group, where he created the innovative initiative of GDF SUEZ Rassembleurs d’Energies which aims to support social entrepreneurs committed to bringing sustainable energy to the world's poor. He contributed to the creation of the Inter-Union Committee to employee savings and the Citizen Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility. Saincy Bernard was one of the actors of the Grenelle de l’Environment in 2007 and is involved in numerous conferences on the subjects of CSR, Sustainable Development and Social Business. He teaches CSR at Paris XIII and is the author of several books on the topic, including: "The New challenges of international social negotiation", ed. La Découverte, Paris 2006; "Will Companies one day be responsible?" Ed. La Dispute, Paris, 2004. Former president of a large French association for popular education in the field of science and technology, Bernard Saincy is a member of various organizations including the Scientific Committee of the CSR Institute of the Housing Social Union. He is connected to the organizations he was a member of the Board of Directors for: CSR Europe, Comité21 Foundation Energy for the world...


Definition of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility policies and associated action plans

Training / awareness of businesses and communities managers to the issues of social responsibility of organizations

Developing innovative Social Business initiatives and establishing relationships with social entrepreneurs and associations

Mapping and understanding of societal risks and opportunities in trades, business and industrial sites

Implementation of innovative financing systems for social projects (carbon finance, SRI fund connected to employee savings...)

Recherche, conclusion et évaluation de partenariats Développement Durable entre entreprises et associations

Organisation du dialogue sociétal (mise en place de conférences de parties prenantes…)